Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Does The Flog Have in Common with a Space Shuttle Launch?

... Every time they say it's going to go off... it gets delayed a week.

More to the point our generator blew up (so we had no power) then the second we had that fixed... our buddy from Colorado showed up and had us rather distracted for a week or so (we went to see the forest with the oldest trees in the world so that was kinda cool)...

... Now that he's gone and we've regained our composure, we intend to get this baby rolling within the week.

So with that said... apologies and stay tuned!

-The Flog

(Said Insanely Ancient Trees)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Prepare to be Flogged!

Let's be honest. Hardly any of us have time to follow the forums on Etsy.

Except for the writers of this blog. It's pretty sad, I know, but it's true. So, we hermits in the middle of the desert want to do folks a favor. Consider this a digest condensing the wild, wooly world of the Etsy forums. True, we won't get every thread. But, we're gonna try our damnedest to get the important ones here.

It's like Readers Digest, but not quite as lame (apologies to any Readers Digest fans).

Now, I can't promise we'll get them all. If you think we've missed one, just let us know. We'll do our best to try and get it added.

So, we plan on breaking this down by each forum section. It's pretty self-explanatory. We'll be adding around 10-20 posts per section and a brief synopsis. We'll be trying to include a wide range of posts about many subjects. Some will be informative. Some will be humorous. Some might be trainwrecks that need to be seen by all.

We're gonna be trying to get this puppy flying tomorrow. Please forgive us if we're off a tad some days. Crazy old folks love to derail us here at the campground.

Of course, any ideas you lovely people have, feel free to let us know.

-Etsy Flog